Saturday, April 19th, 2014

U.S. Senate Forms General Aviation Caucus

Two U.S. Senators, Mark Begich and Mike Johanns have formed a General Aviation Caucus with the goal of insuring that “a safe and vibrant environment exists for GA in our country.”  The two Senators are now encouraging their colleagues to join and have sent all members of the US Senate a letter discussing the importance of general aviation in the U.S..  The caucus comes on the heels of widespread backlash against the media after a story that ran on September 17th in USA Today that portrayed small U.S. airports as receiving an unbalanced amount of federal funding.  NBC’s The Today Show is also feeling the heat from the general aviation industry after they ran a similar report.

rural_airportSo what do you think… is it about time for the U.S. Senate to start lending their support to general aviation?

Read the entire “Dear Colleague” letter that was sent to Senate members on Monday.

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