Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Announcing KRN’s FREE Parts Finder & RFQ Mobile App!

KRN is excited to announce its FREE Parts Finder & RFQ Mobile App.  This is a free downloadable Parts Search and RFQ App for any mobile device. 
Now available at or download it at the App Store or Android Market.

KRN Announces New “TEXT FOR QUOTE” Service!

KRN is excited to announce our new “Text for Quote” service.
KRN Aviation Services is now offering our valued customers the option to text your part number from your mobile device to our Parts Dept. for a quote.
This is a free, quick, and easy service that will allow our “On-the-Go” customers to request pricing, pictures, or [...]

KRN 2010 Customer Appreciation Visits!!!

Karl Kern, President of KRN Aviation Services, has had such a great time visiting with customers that he wants all our customers to know that he would enjoy visiting with them too.
By signing up to be on Karl’s “2010 Visit List” you will receive an extra 10% discount on your next order of $100 up [...]

KRN Buys Inventories!!!

KRN Aviation Services is buying general aviation aircraft parts inventories.  Contact us today if you have an excess inventory for sale or if you are looking to turn unwanted parts into CASH!!!
Visit: today for more details.

Karl Kern coming to your area soon!

Karl Kern, President & Owner of KRN Aviation Services, just returned from a trip of the western United States.  During his travels he visited with:

Beegles Aircraft in Greeley, Colorado
Morgan Aviation in Longmont, Colorado
Columbia River Air Repair in Hermiston, Oregon

Look for Karl who will be coming to your area soon!

KRN just purchased a large inventory of Gulfstream, Westwind, and Beechcraft Kingair Aircraft Parts

The inventory is in route to our location in Chandler, Arizona and will be arriving within the next week.  Check back later for more details!

U.S. Senate Forms General Aviation Caucus

Two U.S. Senators, Mark Begich and Mike Johanns have formed a General Aviation Caucus with the goal of insuring that “a safe and vibrant environment exists for GA in our country.”  The two Senators are now encouraging their colleagues to join and have sent all members of the US Senate a letter discussing the importance [...]

How Can You Help with the Earhart Project?

Ever wonder what happened to famed female aviator Amelia Earhart?  You’re not alone.  TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery), the world’s leading aviation archaeological foundation has been working to discover the truth about Earhart and has led nine expeditions to the island of Nikumaroro (formerly Gardner island) where they believe Earhart and Fred [...]

Stockmarket.Aero – A free place to search the internet for aircraft parts

Have you been looking for an inexpensive or free way to shop the internet for general aviation aircraft parts?  If so, is for you.
This is a great site to use when searching for aircraft parts.  The best part is that the service is FREE!  Accounts are easy to create.  Once created, you can:

Search for aircraft parts by part [...]

KRN Aviation Services Purchases Two Inventories of General Aviation Aircraft Parts

Karl Kern, President of KRN Aviation Services recently made two large inventory purchases of general aviation aircraft parts.  In July, Karl traveled to Olympia, Washington and Regina, Canada to purchase the inventories.  The first inventory was purchased from Pearson Air in Washington state and consisted of Piper, Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft parts.  The second inventory contains Piper [...]

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